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Malaria: Malaria – May 2012 2 Malaria – Communicable Disease Control Manual Spread of infection Incubation period The time between the infective bite and the appearance of

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1 Phylogeny of human malaria parasites and some related parasites of nonhuman primates, and time chart of events relating to their evolution. (Million years ago)

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TRAVEL CLINIC MATRAVILLE A division of Matraville Medical Complex S:\Danielle\Travelhealth\Question Sheets\What is malaria.doc the medical advice of a travel health

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Epidemiology Worldwide, over 40% of the population lives in areas where malaria transmission occurs Parts of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America,

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What is Malaria? Malaria is a disease caused by a . parasite* that lives part of its life in humans and part in mosquitoes. Malaria remains one of the major killers
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